Creative Coalitions Brownsville Presents: The Writings On The Wall Unveiling

#BlackGirlsMatter by Lexi Bella

#BlackGirlsMatter by Lexi Bella

On Saturday, May 30, Creative Coalitions Brownsville unveiled its Writings on the Wall murals! The Writings on the Wall has been months in the making, with lots of long nights of planning, prepping and painting, these murals are up all over Brownsville, Brooklyn. Each of which celebrates visual art, poetry and much more. With help and inspiration from community youth, artists and organizers it’s just beginning!
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Creative Coalitions x The BITF Art Show


Artist: Ms. Zukie

Creative Coalitions artists Michael Peterson and N Carlos Jay have begun their Brooklyn Is The Future (BITF) Campaign by making a stop in Bushwick before they unveil their Creative Coalitions project, The Writings on the Wall in Brownsville on May 30 from 1-4 PM on Belmont and Thurston. With support from BAC, Bear Burger, Car 2 Go, Hercules, and Six Point Brewery, Michael and Jay kicked off the spring season with an amazing group art show at The Vazquez Building, highlighting an arsenal of artists who ambitiously declare that they are the future of street art.
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The South Shore High Project


Photo Credit: John Murll,

On Saturday December 20th and 21st a great group of street artists came together at South Shore High School in Canarsie, Brooklyn to deck the halls with street art! The project was coordinated by Michael Peterson, resident life coach at the school and N Carlos Jay, a Groundswell teacher, Halsey Street Dream Way muralist and fantastic street artist on his own. Together they make up the Spread Love movement seeking to bridge art youth engagement to strengthen communities in Brooklyn, the country and beyond. With projects throughout the borough and even abroad, Spread Love is a movement of interdisciplinary artists who work to actualize change and inspire greater love and pride wherever they work.
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Sandy Tiles: Superstorm Sandy Relief Tile Mural Project

Photographer Misun Jin_7 Photographer Misun Jin_51 Photographer Misun Jin_63 Photographer Misun Jin_58 Photographer Misun Jin_27Sandy Tiles: Superstorm Sandy Relief Tile Mural Project

Detail from “Sandy Tiles: Superstorm Sandy Relief Tile Mural Project,” which was a community renewal project that engages seniors through the creation of ceramic public art and involved them in community rebuilding in Superstorm Sandy-affected areas of southern Brooklyn.

Organized by BAC’s Arts in Education program and supported by the National Guild’s MetLife Creative Aging program, this project provided sequential art lessons for seniors at JASA Senior Alliance in Brighton Beach and JCCGCI’s Coney Island Seaside Innovative Senior Center. Sandy Tiles is one of many creative aging arts programs for seniors administered by Brooklyn Arts Council as part of its Arts in Education program.