Folk Arts Meet Up: Mentoring and Professional Development Awards (March 12@7pm)


Dr. Eileen Condon is a Folklorist and Project Director at the Center for Traditional Music and Dance. In addition, she is an excellent person, a personal friend, and someone that you can trust.

Calling all folk artists and folk arts professionals:  New York Folklore Society Mentoring and Professional Development monetary awards are there for you—all year round on a rolling deadline.  Come to Brooklyn Arts Council (55 Washington Street, Suite 218) and meet the NYC representative for NYFS, Eileen Condon on March 12th at 7pm.

The New York Folklore Society ( offers many forms of service to traditional artists in New York State, but one of the most immediately gratifying opportunities is its longstanding Mentoring and Professional Development awards program.  M&PD awards are the fast track for folk artists to get the funding to take their own artistic practices to the next level by working with a mentor.  Whatever genre of folk art you practice—textiles, dance, instrumental music, drumming, singing, farming—you name it, New York Folklore Society can support your passing this art form to a serious student, or learning more yourself from an esteemed elder / mentor in your tradition.  And since half of what runs the vehicle we call folk arts is administrative skill—artists practicing the best self-management strategies, and nonprofit arts workers building better business know-how—that half is covered as well.  Decide what you need to learn in folk arts or folk arts management—who will teach you?  What conference would benefit you the most?—then tell NYFS about it in a very concise grant application, and NYFS will help make it happen within a very short turnaround (typically 1 or 2 months from application date).
 Please contact your Folk Arts director, Christopher Mulé for more details (

Folk Arts Meetup: (March 3): Navigating Arts in Education as a Traditional Artist

Thanks to the work of my predecessor, Dr. Kay Turner, BAC’s Folk Arts program has built a wonderful relationship with our Arts in Education department. In order to continue to strengthen that relationship, please come and meet the Arts in Education staff at the Brooklyn Arts Council to learn about Arts in Education opportunities.  We will have a meet and greet opportunity for you to ask questions on Tuesday, March 3 at 4:30pm – 5:30pm.  Please contact Christopher Mulé if you have any questions or concerns.


Meet the Artist: Abdul Badi

Here we interview Abdul Badi, an East New York-based painter, about his work over the last 50 years.

Abdul Badi

Abdul Badi

Where are you from? How long have you lived in Brooklyn?
I’m actually born in Washington DC, and wound up in Brooklyn back in 1964. East New York – I’ve been out here since 1988. I’ve lived out here, but I hadn’t met a lot of other artists out here until Catherine opened up Arts East NY, and then I was surprised to see how many other artists actually lived out here. I participated in [the Go Brooklyn Arts Gallery] competition 2 years ago, where they visited everybody’s studio, and in East New York, I was the only artist out here. The other sections – Bed-Stuy, Greenpoint, Williamsburg were chock full of artists, but East New York? Up until then I didn’t really see much on the arts scene. Everything I did was outside of East New York.

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Happy Fourth of July Brooklyn!

Dear Brooklyn,

Below you will find a wonderful moment that occurred during The Sweetest Song Festival’s “Singing the Gods program.” The clip features a group of our Sweetest Singers closing out the April 30th program at the Woody Tanger Auditorium in Brooklyn College.  Jeggae “Winston” Hoppie made the suggestion for all the performers to share a rhythm together. It was a blending of voice, rhythm, movement and language that found room for individual expression–America at it’s finest.  Happy fourth of July, Brooklyn! Enjoy!

Your Folklorist


Singing the Gods @ Brooklyn College from Brooklyn Arts Council on Vimeo.