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Before we dive into another school year, we’re excited to share our accomplishments in 2013-14. BAC Arts in Education had programming in all 5 boroughs including 95 school-based residencies and workshops, 23 creative aging programs in senior centers and 89 performances at schools, senior centers and parks. These programs served nearly 15,000 students, teachers, parents and seniors and provided 464 gigs for artists!

This year, we also welcomed some new faces to our AIE Team. Sarah Gepigon joined BAC in January as longtime Arts in Education Coordinator, Deborah Field, stepped away from BAC into the field of occupational therapy. Sarah’s enthusiasm and sense of humor brought some fun to the administrative paperwork processes. We will also soon be welcoming a new Arts in Education Manager as Rebecca Potts moves out of the country to accompany her husband to Prague. We look forward to introducing another new member of the AIE team soon.
In celebrating this year’s fantastic work with BAC teaching and performing artists, and wishing a bittersweet farewell to Debby and Rebecca, we captured some of the artists’ favorite moments, lessons learned, and praise from classroom teachers.

The Chorus at Prospect Hill Senior Center led by teaching artist Renee Manning performs. Photo: BAC.

The Chorus at Prospect Hill Senior Center led by teaching artist Renee Manning performs. Photo: BAC.

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Our interns are an integral part of the AIE team each spring, helping us bring over 150 arts residencies, performances and workshops to schools, senior centers, parks and community centers throughout NYC. This spring, we were thrilled to have 2 administrative interns: Andrew Anzel and Midori Buntin.

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BAC Teaching Artists ROCK!

Teaching Artist Peter Barnett helps students during a ceramics residency. Photo: Misun Jin

Teaching Artist Peter Barnett helps students during a ceramics residency. Photo: Misun Jin

In honor of teaching artist appreciation week, we’re sharing just a few of the things our partner school administrators, teachers, and students have been saying about working with BAC teaching artists.
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Thank You, News Corp!

BAC is collaborating with an amazing teach, Ms. D’Amato at PS 15K on a project she’s been wanting to get to for years, and finally got moving on it this Spring, posting the project on Donor’s Choose, where she’s had success before. We’re thrilled to have found out yesterday that News Corp has fully funded this, and 278 other Brooklyn projects! Check out Ms. D’Amato’s project – the first of the highlighted projects in the News Corp press release! We can’t wait to get paint on the wall with a mural that is as vibrant and alive as the PS 15K school community is!

ARTS IN EDUCATION SPOTLIGHT: Schools Enjoy Professional Performances at BCBC



Conversations hushed and small feet wiggled in anticipation as the lights dimmed and music filled the theater. Students from schools throughout Brooklyn and their families were amongst the audience at the recent “Sid the Science Kid – Live!” performance at Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College (BCBC). This spring, BAC has provided over 600 tickets and roundtrip metrocards to attend BCBC shows ranging from “Sid” to “A Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald” by The Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra to the Golden Dragon Acrobats’ “Cirque Ziva” as part of the CASA program supported through the NY City Council and the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA). Trained through in-school performances, students bring their audience skills to BCBC and often share these skills with their parents and siblings.

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Social Studies Learning Through Dance

Millman_PS29K_Dance_MaeganKeller_BAC04This fall, through BAC Arts in Education first graders at PS 29K in Cobble Hill choreographed dances to reinforce their social studies learning about community and family with teaching artist Maegan Keller.  Creative dance principles such as self and general space, size, level, direction, speed, dynamics, relationships, shapes, and locomotor/nonlocomotor movement were integrated with the social studies curriculum.

As they learned about communication, students explored methods of communicating without words using their bodies through exercises such as “mirroring” in which students follow their partner’s movements while keeping eye contact and “body talk” in which students act and react to a partner by creating shapes with their bodies. After discussing the basic elements of a verbal conversation, the students created “conversations” using their bodies: one student would create a shape while the other student watched, waited for stillness, and then responded with another unique shape that related to their partner. This activity required students to watch (listen), think and respond using only their body language.


This program, supported by New York State Assemblymember Joan Millman through the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation, has also introduced students to dance vocabulary and techniques, building a foundation for future dance learning. Students shared their dances as well as some of the exercises they learned during culminating presentations on December 10 and 11, 2013, to an auditorium of excited peers, teachers and parents.

Sandy Tiles: Superstorm Sandy Relief Tile Mural Project

Detail from “Sandy Tiles: Superstorm Sandy Relief Tile Mural Project,” which was a community renewal project that engages seniors through the creation of ceramic public art and involved them in community rebuilding in Superstorm Sandy-affected areas of southern Brooklyn. Organized by BAC’s Arts in Education program and supported by the National Guild’s MetLife Creative Aging […]