Grantee Spotlight: Haiti Cultural Exchange

Applications are closed for our Community Arts Grants cycle, but we’re still highlighting past grantees who have given us updates on where their BAC grants have taken them! Read on to find out more about Haiti Cultural Exchange, whose grant helped them grow as an organization that serves a creative community vital to Brooklyn.

Performance at Selebrasyon 2018

Artist performace at HCX’s Selebrasyon! 2018

Organization: Haiti Cultural Exchange (HCX)

Haiti Cultural Exchange was founded in 2009 by seven Haitian-American women who wanted to foster Haitian cultural expression in New York City. HCX programming ranges from film festivals to arts education in schools, in addition to providing resources and networks for both established and emerging artists.  

What sector of the arts do you dedicate yourself to?

We’ve dedicated ourselves to our Haitian artists and their communities. We want to build an inclusive future and celebrate our identities, and we believe that it is through the arts that we both build this future and activate individuals to understand the value of their creative selves, their ideas, and community.

What has your BAC grant helped you accomplish?

With our grant we were able to build new branding materials for our organization. We’ve also been able to launch programs to celebrate the beauty that is Haitian culture with both our Haitian community and our Brooklyn neighbors.


Part of the tasty spread at Selebrasyon!, a festival featuring Haitian film, dance, music, literature, and visual art throughout the May and June 2018.

What’s been your biggest challenge as an organization?

As small and mighty a team as we are, we need to work to maintain capacity for the work we do. Understanding how we impact our community and how we can continually build with them takes time and presence. In addition, we deeply value our funders. Having them invest as deeply in our work would be a marked change, growing our ability to serve our community.

What inspires you?

The power that our Haitian community shares without pretense, prompting, or price.


Find Haiti Cultural Exchange on their website, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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