The Spring Creative Coalitions Project Award Recipients

We are excited to announce the recipients of The Spring Creative Coalitions Project Award. Michael Peterson and N Carlos Jay will be collaborating on an amazing project in Brownsville entitled, Writings On The Wall.

N Jay Carlos


Michael Peterson

The two Brooklyn residents were both born and bred in Brooklyn utilizing every crevice and corner of each unique neighborhood throughout the borough to create their individual personas. By indulging in all that BK has to offer they each have become the future of Brooklyn’s progressive movement towards change, while still preserving the nuances of the boroughs past.

Michael Peterson is a father first, but has operated as a cultural curator, marketer, community leader, author and speaker for the past 10 years. N Carlos Jay also puts fatherhood first, but has been a professionally trained artisan for over 15 years, and is renowned in the borough of Brooklyn as an all around renaissance man. Their combined talents and interests are set to create a transformative project that will ignite, inspire, and impact the borough of Brooklyn in a major way. Creative Coalitions is excited to collaborate with them and support bringing their project and vision into fruition. Themed Brooklyn Is The Future, the project will consist of murals, photography, poetry, video, and interactive activities that look to immerse the residents of Brownsville into the future of their borough by giving them the opportunity to take ownership of their vision through art. The project is already underway and will continue until the end of May.

Stay tuned for more information and remember BROOKLYN IS THE FUTURE.

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