The South Shore High Project


Photo Credit: John Murll,

On Saturday December 20th and 21st a great group of street artists came together at South Shore High School in Canarsie, Brooklyn to deck the halls with street art! The project was coordinated by Michael Peterson, resident life coach at the school and N Carlos Jay, a Groundswell teacher, Halsey Street Dream Way muralist and fantastic street artist on his own. Together they make up the Spread Love movement seeking to bridge art youth engagement to strengthen communities in Brooklyn, the country and beyond. With projects throughout the borough and even abroad, Spread Love is a movement of interdisciplinary artists who work to actualize change and inspire greater love and pride wherever they work.


Photo Credit: John Murll,

The South Shore High project was exemplary of the collective’s goals. It was not only a creative event, but also a revolutionary one as this type of project has never been done in a NYC Department of Education school. So Creative Coalitions wants to congratulate Mike Peterson,  N Carlos Jay and all the artists including: Rocko of the Dodworth Street Murals, Damien Mitchell, Shiro, Mason Eve, Kady Perry, Fumero, Vince Ballentine and Alexis Mena and more for participating in this project!


Photo Credit: John Murll,


Photo Credit: John Murll,

Check out the great pictures and look out for Spread Love’s next project in the spring, The Writings on the Wall, which will be bigger and bolder than you can imagine!  For more details about that email Michael Peterson at: or N Carlos Jay at:

By Shannon Shird, Community Initiatives Coordinator, Creative Coalitions

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