So you want to be a Panel Assistant…

Hello, there! Yes, you there. Hello!

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, my co-workers have you informed as to the inner workings of the application process, but you might find yourself wondering what happens to all those precious applications, full of hard work and sometimes tears, once you hand them over?

You weren’t? Oh, I’m sorry! Please accept this picture of kittens as my apology.

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In the Works: Notes from the Grants Department

Around this time last month, many of you triumphantly completed and submitted applications for our Local Arts Support and Community Arts Fund regrant programs. Because we accepted in-office submissions, I can personally attest to the fact that some of you looked like this after you handed off those big manila envelopes:


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Top 10 Reasons to attend the 4th Annual Brooklyn Folk Arts Day

Top 10 Reasons to attend the 4th Annual Brooklyn Folk Arts Day
Thursday, October 23 @ 7pm, Actors Fund Arts Center (160 Schermerhorn Street) 

  1. MINGLE with fellow traditional artists and advocates.
  2. CLAP to live blues with Beareather Reddy and Alexis P. Suter.
  3. EAT free food and drink.
  4. ASK “Who owns culture? with Folk Arts Program Director (NYSCA), Robert Baron.
  5. WITNESS the keepers of the Alan Lomax Archive (Association for Cultural Equity) explain how they work to bring cultural materials “home” to source communities.
  6. BUILD a borough that grows from its roots, not from its developers.
  7. LEARN about cultural preservation initiatives directly from Ghanaian royalty and part time Bronx resident, Nana Rokoto.
  8. IMAGINE a future where we use recorded materials to engage the WHOLE of our communities to celebrate the fruits of innovation and success.
  9. DISCUSS all of the above while eating free food and drink.
  10. SHARE your upcoming events and initiatives-bring flyers!

Join us at the 4th annual Brooklyn Folk Arts Day (Thursday, Oct 23 @ 7pm)

On Thursday, October 23 at 7pm, the Brooklyn Arts Council will celebrate the 4th annual Brooklyn Folk Arts Day. This year, BAC’s Folk Arts program will present a gathering of traditional arts leaders for “Bring it on Home: Folk Arts in the Digital Domain” at the Actors Fund Arts Center. Through a discussion led by scholars, archivists, and traditional cultural specialists, “Bring it on Home” will host an important cultural conversation about the importance of giving communities access to and use of their own cultural heritage materials—such as audio, video, and photographic records of music, dance, and other cultural traditions—for the benefit of future generations. This gathering of folk and traditional arts communities will explore the importance of sharing digital materials that document traditions of diverse communities with members of the same communities, and when culturally relevant, with the general public.

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