Friends with Money: Rina Kleege of PLG Arts

Rina Kleege

Rina Kleege

Name: Rina Kleege
AKA: Co-President, PLG Arts; band member, Axiom Addicts Hometown: Brooklyn
Neighborhood: Prospect-Lefferts Gardens
Favorite thing about neighborhood: Diversity of people and cultural activities
What did you get funded for: Jazz @the Inkwell

What’s that all about? Twice-monthly performances at the Inkwell Jazz Café by up-and-coming and established jazz musicians are a vital component of PLG Arts, a local nonprofit arts group with the mission of cultivating creativity in the community. Performances on the second and fourth Friday of each month (except August, since we all need a break) provide an opportunity for neighborhood musicians and audiences to gather at a local ven ue, where music becomes an active force for the neighborhood spirit of Prospect-Lefferts Gardens (the PLG of PLG Arts) as performers and music fans get to know one another. Suggested (not required) $5 donation at the door allows attendance regardless of ability to pay.

What else do you have coming up? Author Readings series, theater programs, Chamber Music series, visual arts exhibits at local venues—all exciting events brought to you by PLG Arts.

What’s inspiring you right now? My own band, Axiom Addicts, for which I write rock’n’roll/blues/jazz-influenced music and then perform it as lead singer and rhythm guitar player, with a great bunch of musicians: my husband Steve on keyboards (he also writes), Hollis Headrick on drums, Adam Armstrong on bass, and Jesse Miller on lead guitar and vocals.

Anything you’re you totally over? Pointless complaints.

When not making art you are: Medical editing

Rina Kleege, co-president of PLG Arts, is a trained musician and performer as well as a freelance medical editor. She believes that music has the power to transform and transcend, and that it is vital to have the opportunity to hear and see it performed. Rina is passionate about the arts and loves her work as co-president of this neighborhood nonprofit arts group. Her previous experience in public relations for films, their producers, and actors helped prepare her for her work with PLG Arts and the jazz musicians she brings to the Inkwell Cafe. She also writes and performs with her rock band, Axiom Addicts, and has appeared in commercials, an off-Broadway musical, and other musical/theatrical endeavors.

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