BAC Teaching Artists ROCK!

Teaching Artist Peter Barnett helps students during a ceramics residency. Photo: Misun Jin

Teaching Artist Peter Barnett helps students during a ceramics residency. Photo: Misun Jin

In honor of teaching artist appreciation week, we’re sharing just a few of the things our partner school administrators, teachers, and students have been saying about working with BAC teaching artists.

Quotes from School Staff:

“Billy is fantastic and the children in the program absolutely adore him. Every week they are super excited to work on their lines, perform Billy’s performance warmups, and rehearse their parts in the play. Billy engages the students to challenge themselves and improvise, while developing an appreciation for theatre and the art of acting. I believe that after this process the students will come away with much more than just the great memories of putting on a play.”

“As always Abi was a great help and we love having her.”

“I just wanted to let you know that working with Justin was great! He was wonderful with the students and we all learned a lot. This program was amazing and I hope we can work together again.”

“Kristin was amazing with the children in our program. It was nice to see that the K & 1st graders retained all the dances and the language that was used in the session. They had a great time and we are looking forward to working with your program and Kristin again next school year.”

Quotes from Students:

“What I like most about my classes with Ms. Aeilushi is that she is nice to you and when you mess up she helps you do better!”

“Ms. Kuang-Yu gives us a lot of chances and Mr. Vado has a lot of patients for us to learn and they both enjoy teaching us.”

“Thank you BAC so much for bringing Ms. Pamella to our school. I loved the classes!”

“It was wonderful to work with Ms. Stacee because most of the dance moves related to everyday life. She even taught my class some history of the dances background. This was a very extraordinary experience because learning a new form of dance that was unfamiliar was like trying a different food.”

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